As I write this post, the Cow Parsley has all but disappeared.   This view got me thinking about styling rooms and cosy corners of the shop through what I can find through foraging.   My ability to grow an abundance of flowers isn't quite where I would like it to be, so more often than not I have the option of something of the green variety or just foraged whilst on dog walks in the country.  If I am doing flowers for the shop, then I use trusted suppliers and often foliage from the garden, but creating beautiful impactful displays can often be done very much on the cheap.   I have included a few images to show you what I mean:  

Wattle & Daub

This image was taken during the height of Cow Parsley.  I grabbed a handful of bunches on the way to work one morning.   When looking to create a lot of height with only a handful of stems it is great to use a slim vase with a narrow neck.  You can see here that I have used various different vintage bottles all with slim necks.   Layering in different bottles filled at different heights creates a lovely depth on the sideboard (although displays like this don't always make for the easiest of shopping experiences).

I adore little displays such as this one above.  I love the juxtaposition of the aged bronze vase with wild grasses which adds a rustic feel.   Just a touch of yellow and white adds just enough colour to make a more impactful arrangement.

| Photography by Marieke Verdenius | Flower Arrangement by Saskia de Valk | Vlinder & Vogel

The arrangement above is proof that simply foraging different grasses and arranging at varying heights can create a very 'professional' looking display which will look perfect on a sideboard or front facing on an island kitchen for example.

Terracotta vases filled with huge branches taken from the garden or on a forest walk are lovely when paired with a handful of other bowls, vases in similar muted tones in natural raw materials.

The larger the plant and the pot the greater the impact.

It goes without saying that a mix of potted plants to include trailing plants are perfect for creating a stunning display of green plants.

I hope that these images have inspired you to decorate your spaces with foraged finds from the garden or the roadside....

Happy Foraging