The first disclaimer I should make, is that I am a big fan of Squarespace.

It goes a little like this; set-up company; spend a few thousand pounds of wasted cash hiring three different website developers, only to ditch the Wordpress site and spend a weekend creating a website from scratch via Squarespace all by my little self.

But, and there is a but, the blog layout within my Squarespace template is pants and there doesn't seem to be many other options available.  Well, this is the excuse I have given myself (and others) as to why there is no content whatsoever on my pants layout of a blog.  I convinced myself, that if the athestics were much improved, it would motivate me to create a blog.

I suppose the first question would have been to ask myself, is why have a blog in the first place.  Isn't it the case that everyone has moved over to Podcasting? It certainly feels like the easiest way to consume content whilst multi-tasking.  However, I do still love to read blog posts that are relevant to me and that provide me with value.  I hear they are good for SEO too.  I'm also hoping, that by sharing some of the random stuff that fills my brain day in, day out, it may actually help, inspire or connect someone at some point.

But, what to write about?  Some time back, I did the Campfire course by Kayte Ferris, which I found really useful to start to plan a little more around what kind of content I wanted to produce.  Since leaving corporate to start a creative life, I have so much I want to share, plus being old also allows me the luxury of having quite a lot of life's experiences under my belt with mistakes and successes in equal measures along the way.  Throw in a some interiors stuff, interviews with inspiring friends, how-to's and general shopkeeper ramblings and I think we may have a blog.  And you know what, I'm hoping writing some of this stuff down will also be somewhat cathartic.

But, how to go about it.

The second disclaimer for this post, is that I didn't create the new looking blog on my own, I had a techy do it for me... Through our Co-working Thursdays, I have met the best techy guy ever, someone who took the time to listen to me rant on about some of the problems that I wanted fixing, but I didn't know how to fix them or even what options existed.  This is where Dan (techy guy has a name), came up with the solution to my Squarespace blog problem.  He proposed that we create a separate hosted blog via Ghost and link through my Squarespace website for a relatively small cost.  Without something pretty to look at, I just couldn't get enthused about producing content, so it seemed the perfect solution.   Dan has so much technical knowhow, that even if something isn't his particular area of expertise he can quite quickly read through the jardon and work out the best option available.

But why Ghost, and what even is that? According to a review I read. 'It is a minimalistic, content-first blog platform that gives HTML-savvy users a creative outlet to code their own blog'.

So, I have a Squarespace website, with a blog by Ghost. If you look at my website, there is normal looking page called  Bricks & Mortar blog, when you click in to the blog it doesn't look like it has taken you anywhere particularly special, but it has in fact taken you to a separate hosted platform owned by Ghost.   You can choose from lots of templates for online magazines or blogs.  I have actually used a quite simple template, as for now the content I have, is still quite limited.  I think as time goes on, I would hope to convert to a slightly different template, just to switch it up, but for now I need to just get writing and to prove to myself that I can commit to even writing a blog.

As we speak, I am writing this blog via the Ghost app, which allows me to upload images directly onto the blog post.  It all seems a little too simple. I think certainly for those individuals that are purely blogging, this option could be a really great alternative to WordPress.


I have attached an independent review I found about Ghost vs WordPress, which I found really helpful.


Plus I found some info via the Ghost website which is also helpful.

And although I would prefer not to share my new techy friend with anyone else, I have detailed his website below.

And this is what Co-working is all about, connecting people.